Alya’s POV

We were returning after attending party of Rishab’s friend. Rishab and I got married two months ago probably I should say we are in our honeymoon period. After a long exhausting party we were heading to our bungalow located 10 kilometers away from Mumbai city. Rishab was driving the car. As soon as we reached Rishab got down to open the gate door. We entered the bungalow.
Rishab grabbed my waist as we entered the house. I looked into his eyes there was lot of love in his eyes I grabbed his collar to match his height. He leaned more close to me. we were about to kiss him when we heard the sound of continuously falling things or should I say books. Rishab is really pissed off. I stepped to check while Rishab grabbed me and pulled me more towards him.

“Rishab”,I said making myself free from him.

“Alya they are just books don’t piss me off ‘, he said in a irritated tone.

“Incorrigible” ,I said with a chuckled tone.

I climbed to check the study room. I opened the room books were in the same place where they usually be. I turned to look at the side shelf where it is also seems to be normal. I hear the sound of breathing but in a irregular way I went near the curtain and pushed it away but I didn’t find anything. But still I am hear those breathing sounds. It hitches high for 5 seconds and goes normal for 5 seconds and a gap of like 10 seconds and again repeates the same. My adrenaline reached its peak.

“Rishab”, I shouted.
“Is everything fine Alya”,he shouted from the downstairs.

“Can you come up?”, I asked him.
No reply from him threatened me more.

“Rishab”, I called him again.
No reply okay let me go down and look for him. I went down.
I saw a blank hall. I heard sounds from bedroom. So I went in.

“Rishab”,I called him.

Rishab’s POV

This 3 month holiday is one of the best days of life. After Alya came into my life she really makes me crazy in her love. I really planned a wonderful surprise for her in our room.
I caught her from back and kissed her in neck. She panicked but she become familiar with my touch. She turned to me and hugged me.
“I thought I am turned on but it seems you are more than me.”,I said hugged her.
“Shut up I am scared”, she said pulling us apart.
“What happen?”,I asked looking into her eyes.
“Nothing why didn’t you answer When I asked you to come up?”, She asked frowning.
“When?”,I asked playing with her hair.
“Rishabh!!”,She said beating by chest and hugged me.
“Let’s dance”, I asked forwarding my hand.
I got hold of her hand and turned her around and she made a small round. She hold my shoulder and I got hold of her waist and another hand holding her hand. We were dancing few steps touching each other body so close. I heard calling bell. In this whole world why everyone is ready to put disturb when I am romancing with my wife.
I opened the door.

No one was there outside. Does it was a prank? But who does prank at late night and I went out to check whether someone is out. No signs of people there I came in and I closed the door.
“Rishab!!!”, Alya shouted.
I ran to her.
She came and stood behind me holding my shirt.
We walked to the stumbling back door.
I moved my hand to open it but it got opened and I was shocked to see my brother with his wife and his son standing outside looking terrified more than us. I went near him and hugged Rajeev,my brother. Alya hugged my sister-in-law and took Dhruv in her hands.


When I lifted Dhruv he was hot he looked weak I think he is running through fever all the day. We brought them in. I gave Dhruv few syrups and made him to sleep.
Rajeev had blood marks on his head. I asked Rishab to do first aid to Rajeev.
“what happen Rajeev?”,Rishab asked.
“I don’t know Rishab. Dhruv was having fever from yesterday night me and Priya planned to take him to hospital today morning. Due to heavy traffic we took the shortcut road today morning. A man suddenly came in front of our car I tried not to hit him and got my car crashed against tree. That is all I could remember”,Rajeev told sweating and horrified.

“When we woke up we found ourselves six kilometers away from city so we decided to come and get help with you guys”,Priya said sobbing.
“Okay relax “,I asked her to take water.
“Guys don’t worry you are safe here. But who would attack you?”,Rishab asked looking into Rajeev’s eyes.
“I am blank”,Rajeev replied.
“May be your father”,Priya shot looking Rishab’s eyes.

“What??Are you mad!!Why he would do this to his own son”,I asked shocked.

“There are chances Alya I ain’t his favorite son unlike you. I married the girl I loved against his words.”, Rajeev said with tears dwelled in his eyes.

The lights went off when Rishab was to say something.

“I will check”,Rishab went taking flash light in his hands.

Rishab’s POV
I went inside my room and took my police authorised gun and opened the door and went to the main box. I opened it and everything seems to be correct at the main box then something is wrong around. I hear breathing sounds near me slowly I took the gun and the sound went on increasing like it hitches high for 5 seconds and goes normal for 5 seconds and a gap of like 10 seconds and again repeats the same. I am closely observing the voices around me I hear shoe sounds coming near me I closed the main box door and took the gun pointing towards the man standing opposite to me. I clearly observed him he was wearing a black hoodie muddy shoe he had his head facing downwards and holding a knife.

“Who are you”,I asked him still pointing the gun towards him.
No answer.

“What do you want? Why are you following my brother?Say the truth otherwise I will shoot you.”,I said shouting.

He looked up at me. He raised his hands I pressed the trigger and it shot him. He fell down.

I stood shocked I shouldn’t have shot him I am not allowed to shoot in his chest only below knee is allowed in law. I am cursing myself and having a inner fight with me.
When a hand touched from behind and I turned behind and took the gun pointing towards the opposite person

“Rishab it’s me”, Rajeev said raising his hands.
I hugged him completely teriffied.

“I shot him”,I said shivering.
“Who?”,Rajeev asked searching.
“The one lying behind us”, I said pointing the dead body without looking down.
“There is no one “,Rajeev said looking behind me.
“Where is the body? I shot him just now”,I said with a terrified face.

Suddenly we hear a gun shot.
We both ran in and my heart beat stopped like for a minute.
I saw Alya holding gun and my sister -in-law lying in the ground dead with blood coming from her stomach.
“Priya!!!”,Rajeev ran to her.
I went to Alya who is holding gun and watching Priya shocked.
“Alya alya”,I shook her up.
“I didn’t shoot her”,Alya said holding my hands.
Rajeev was crying seeing Priya’s body.
“I know alya relax there is someone else come let’s go to police station”,I said holding alya.
“No no they will arrest me I won’t come leave me”,Alya was trying to go way from my hold.
“Rajeev let’s call police if killer is around here we can get him.”,I said taking my phone.
“You are the killer your wife is a killer. You guys killed my wife you are responsible for my wife’s death”, he said pointing Alya.
“Rajeev no someone is around us”,I said standing front of Alya.
“Stop blaming others you guys are against us like our father.
He told you to do this right. Well planned Mr. Rishab you shot your gun in empty air and made me to go there. Here your wife shot my wife. Well planned good.”, he said walking towards us.
“Rajeev no trust us I am your brother “, he came towards us with knife. We ran outside and closed the door.
How did this happen? Alya was sobbing beside me. I got hold of her and asked “How did this happen?”,I asked looking into her eyes.
“I don’t know when did this happen we heard a bullet sound Rajeev went out check on you. Then light came. I went to kitchen to take water then I heard gun sound again so I ran to hall. The lights went off again. I heard abnormal breathing voices so I ran to our room. I saw your gun there so for protection I took it from there. I don’t even know whether it had bullets or not if how many it had. I know nothing only thing I know is I didn’t kill her.”she said pleading me.

“Okay only way to prove ourselves innocent is to go to police station.Let’s go”,I said waking her up.

At police station
We went in and told the inspector everything. I gave my Id card and they checked my records with help of Mumbai police. I gave the address of Mansion.
They gave us water and made us to sit.
Alya was sitting beside me lying in my shoulder.
“Rishab”,a lady’s voice called me.
I turned to see where the voice came from. My eyes are blurred I rubbed them to see who it is I saw Priya there. I called Alya. No sound came from my voice.
Alya shouted seeing her.
Everyone in the police station came to see her.
“She was dead how she can be here? She was dead.”Alya was shouting waking me from shock.
I stood and went near priya and touched her.
She was looking at me frowning her eyebrows.
Alya was shouting and throwing in things in police station. I got hold of her.
“…sh… nothing nothing “,I made her to keep quiet.
“Mr and Mrs. Rishab you both are under arrest”,inspector said grabbing my hand for handcuffing.
“What? Why?Priya is alive why will you arrest us?”,Alya shouted.
“Mr.Rishab we found two dead bodies in your mansion and finger prints in gun and missing bullet and bullet matches with the body bullet mark so you are under arrest”,Inspector forced me and made me to turn and got me handcuffed and made alya to handcuffed.

“Inspector listen to me. My brother was with me there ask him.”,I begged him.
“Your brother and his son are in Delhi just now we checked only his wife is here so we called her”, Inspector told pointing Priya.
“Priya say the truth please priya where is Rajeev? “,I begged her.”
They took us to the jail.
Alya was shouting in jail whole day.
They took us to the court due to lack of evidence they announced us as guilty.
Alya was really shook up judge announced her to admit in mental asylum.
“Please believe me I am innocent “,I shouted.
I am sentenced prison for five years.

Rajeev’s POV

Rishab rishab!!! You are such a coward. I thought it would be easy but I didn’t expect this much easy. Alya she was a little toy to play. Priya!!You were right Alya is Rishab’s puppy and can be easily broken. So now Rishab in jail,Alya in asylum so full property is mine.
“Mine ??? It is ours”,Priya said standing behind him.
“Yes Darling it is ours”,I said and hugged her.
I think it is time to make another mistake.
The scene freezes with Rajeev’s smile.