Nitya yuvani’s pov:

I was lying on the floor, I don’t know what happened to me ?, slowly my eyes were dropping. Finally they shut. Now I can’t see anything but I can hear my mother and father’s voice they were shouting and sobbing. But I can’t be able to be with them. I can’t able to open my eyes. A Lone tear escaped from my eyes . I don’t know what happened after that?
One afternoon I opened my eyes. To my surprise,I was in a hospital but I don’t know anything important here? My mother was sobbing at one corner while my father was sitting near me holding my hands in his. Now I was able to open my eyes. The last thing I remember was someone hitting my head with an iron rod after that I don’t remember anything. I tried to remember what happened , nothing came to my mind. I tried to ask my father but the words struck in my throat. Soon again I lost my conscious. I heard the beep sound from the machines around me. The doctors and nurses came inside and examined me. They gave me an injection. After that I again went to sleep.

Now I don’t know the time. Again I woke up, still I’m in hospital bed. From that smell itself I understood that I’m still there in hospital. But this time the circumstances are different my mother smiled faintly on seeing my eyes open. My Paarth was also there . My father was sitting there holding my hands. I don’t know for how many days he had been sitting like this. I tried to speak. This time words came easily from my mouth.

“”Papa where I’m ? What happened to me ?”,I asked him as I tried to get up.

“Nothing happened beta.. don’t struggle , lay down“, he said.

But Paarth made me sit. I smiled weakly. He too repeated but I can see pain in their eyes.

“ Something fishy”, I thought.

“Papa can I speak to the doctor? “, I asked him.

“Beta you can talk later. Now only you got up nah? Later you can talk to him”, my mother said.

“At first I had a doubt. But after my mother’s words now it is confirmed “,I thought.

“Beta you can“,my father said.
Both my mom and Paarth looked shocked.

“She has to know about her. Someday she will be get know about it “, he said. My mother went outside and she started sobbing . My Papa too joined her.

Now me and Paarth were alone.
Paarth asked me,“ Nitya are you sure?”

“ I’m sure Paarth. Why are you guys reacting like this? You can say nah Paarth,please “ ,I asked him with puppy eyes. No response.

Finally,the doctor came inside and explained me what had happened. From that, I can understand only one thing. I was raped. After hearing that, everything he said was just muted to me. Paarth held my palm tightly. I tried to release myself from his hold which was a failure. The doctor went outside.

I asked Paarth, “ Paarth! it’s not true,is it?“,he didn’t speak anything.

He made me sit on the bed again. I didn’t cry, I just lied down. After that I didn’t utter a word. That one word was still running in my mind YOU HAD BEEN RAPED….. after a week I was discharged. We came to our home. Still now, I was unable to walk without the help of others. Paarth and papa took inside the house. But no one came to see me. My neighbours nor my relatives. No one called me to ask about my health not even my friends. Our neighbour aunty will be here all days. Sometimes she forgets that she has a house. She didn’t turn after that incident. I locked myself in my room. My ma will bring food to my room. Now no one was in my house except me, Papa, ma and Paarth. Paarth too stayed with us.

One day,I asked Paarth to take me upstairs. I was sitting on the wall and Paarth was just standing behind me. After long days I was seeing the sun. The sunrays fell on me. I heard the birds chirping sounds. I showed the birds to Paarth and told him,

“ Paarth! See how beautiful they are! They are happily flying. No problems in their life. If they are caught by a hunter,they will die immediately. They don’t suffer for long time like me. I wish I were born as a bird”. He didn’t say anything. He just side hugged me and kissed my forehead.

“ Paarth,can I ask you something?”, I asked him. He nodded.
“ Paarth, what are you thinking about my dressing sense? “ I asked him.
“ Why are you asking this now ?”,he asked me.
“Please say na”, I pleaded.
“ Accha! You always wear a decent dress , I have not seen you other than in salwar and salwar kameez is your favourite one. What to say your dressing sense is good “,he finished.

“ Then what made them do that to me?”,I asked him and he looked into my eyes. After few seconds he hugged me tightly. I cried for a long time . He caressed my hair.

“ Baby,all the persons you see are not the same . Everyone is not good like my baby. You don’t worry we will find him soon”, he said.

“ Paarth, we should break up , our relationship should not continue after this. You deserve better”,Without even a second thought I said to him

Paarth’s pov:

Those words sounded like I heard in my dream. No it can’t be true. She asked me to break up our relationship. Why ? Did she think my love is fake? I love her to the moon and back. I didn’t love her for her physical appearance but for her innocence, caring , beautiful nature. There is no words to explain her character. She is such a beautiful soul I have ever seen. Why God made this happen to her?. After five long minutes I spoke.

“ Are you serious nitu?”, I asked her.

“ Yes”, she replied with tears.

“ You want to leave me alone in this cruel world. Like my parents did?”, I asked her. Our eyes again brimmed with tears.

“ No Paarth. You will get someone who cares you like your parents “,she replied.

“I want you baby. Don’t you forget that we are getting engaged in 2 Months”.

“Paarth,please understand me”.

“So you don’t love me?”, I asked her.

“ I love you Paarth, that’s why I’m doing this, you deserve someone better, I’m not the right girl for you”, she said.

“ Ok,then get ready Ms. Nitya yuvani . I’m soon going to be a bird in that sky or else your star”,I said.

“Are you stupid? “, she asked me.

“Who? I am a stupid? I’m not a stupid. You are a stupid, Idiot“,I said to her and continued.

“What did you thinkof me Niyu? If you lost your dignity, will I leave you? If you think I love your physical appearance, then the answer is no. I love your pure heart, innocence, character, helping nature. If something happened to me will you leave me like that ?”, I asked her.

“Paarth please try to. .”, I cut her in the middle.

“ Answer my question, yes or no”, I asked her with a blood shot eyes and with a stern tone.

“ No”,she replied.

“ Then why you are asking me to do that?”

“Paarth. .”,I cut her.

“ Shhh”,I kept fingers on her lips.

“ We are getting married that’s it. Don’t talk anything now.”, I said and hugged her.

“ I love you Paarth”,she whispered in my ears.

“ I love you more than that”, I whispered again in hers. She hit her hands in my chest and chuckled. After a long time I saw her smiling face.

“Ok, can we go down?”,I asked her. She nodded. I picked her in my arms like bridal style and carried her down. She laughed. After long time she is laughing. It was witnessed by her parents. Both were happy to see her like this.

During our dinner she said that she wished to join her job again . Her parents agreed for that. I too.

Next day morning she decided to join in her old company.
“Baby,come let me drop you”, I said to her.

“ Mr.Romeo! I have my scooty and I know how to ride vehicles too. So,I think I can go by myself “,she said and winked at me. After long days, I saw that bold Nitya again.

“Ok madam as you wish”, I said to her.Soon she zoomed off to her company. I just prayed for her.

Nitya’s pov:

“Thank you God for giving me such a great family”, i thanked God.

After 3 weeks I’m joining in my company again. I don’t know whether to be happy for again getting this job or to be sad for my past. Still now I don’t know who did this to me. Why did he do this ? What made him do this? Did he think that women are objects? In his house also there will be women ,if the same thing happens in his house,will he leave them ? Why….?? Thoughts were running in my mind like a train with a failed break. Finally I reached my office. I went to my cabin. On my way to cabin I saw many people murmuring something about me. All gave a cheap look to me,which I felt uncomfortable . My best friend didn’t come to see me . That’s how i realised being a girl in this society is not an easy job. I tried to avoid everything and I tried to concentrate on my work. But every thing has a limit. I was drinking water in near the filter. One of my female colleague was waiting to drink water.

I drank and gave the glass to her she said “Just keep it down, I’ll take it”,and gave a cheap look.

I felt disgusting and while walking back to my cabin ,collided with a girl.

“ idiot not having eyes?”,she screamed at me.

“Sorry “, I said to her and tried to move from there.

“Ohoo Ms. Nitya yuvani you”, she called my name.

“Yes and I’m sorry”,I tried to leave from there. She laughed at me and some of my colleagues also joined her. I went to my cabin and called Paarth to come and pick me up. He came. I went to him and hugged him tightly and cried.

“Nitu what happened? Why are you crying?”, he asked and I explained him everything.

“How dare they do this! Leave me. I’m gonna break their bones”,he said and tried to move to my office.

I controlled him and went to my home. Left my scooty at the office parking lot . And I don’t know that next storm was waiting for me in my home. We two just entered the home. Some of our neighbours were inside my house all were crying.

“ Paarth what happened? “

“I don’t know Nitu. I was with you na?”

I searched for my mom she was sitting on the floor and crying.

“ Ma what happened? “, I asked her she cried more looking at me.

“ See beta! Your Papa left us alone in this world.”, She said. I could not believe what she said , I felt dizzy. I held her tightly.

To be continued…..