“Paarth what is she saying ? Did I hear something wrong? Is that true?”, I asked him. He side hugged me. I cried and hugged my mom.

“No no.. You should not cry you should be strong”, Paarth said to me.

“ How can I Paarth? See what God has done to me. I know I’m the full reason for this. My dad is dead because of me . I’m responsible for this “, by saying this, I held my mom’s hand and slapped me with her hand. My mom sat there like a lifeless body.

Paarth tried to stop me. I cried.

“ see because of her only her father died in heartattack, lot of pressure “,one of my neighbours said.

“ yes.. characterless girl “, another one said. I heard everything but I could not do and didn’t do anything. What they said is true. I’m the reason for his death, he died because of me..

Paarth’s pov:

After hearing such words from her neighbours I could not hold me anymore. I shouted at them .

“ hello Ms. Can you please mind your words? Who told you that he died because of her? And you don’t have any rights to talk about her. If anything like this happened in your family, will you be talking like this? Don’t you know manners?”, i shouted at them.

And continued,“she is NITYA YUVANI, girl from fire , what do you think about her? She is the daughter of Lord shiva”,i said to them.

“ Mr. You first mind your language . And what we said is true she is responsible for his death”,they said and left from there. I had broken the glass the with my hands. Nitya rushed to me.

“Are you mad? Why are you hurting yourself?”, she said and did first aid to me.

“God! See this innocent soul. First you snatched her dignity and now her father. Is this is enough for you or still something is waiting for her?. If something is there also, I’ll not allow that to happen”, I thought. After funeral got over, she made her mom sleep and she told me that she needs a new job.

“Paarth I think I need a new job now. I can’t withstand in my old one. And we should move to a new city, Mumbai , it can give us something good na”, she asked me.

“ But Nitu,what will we do our house and my belongings ? “, I asked her.

“It’s ok paarth me and mom are only gogoingYou stay here “,she replied.

“no no. how can I leave you people like that? I’ll ask for transfer in my company to Mumbai”, i said to her but she tried to convince me to stay here. But I didn’t want her to go alone. So I didn’t accept her idea.
After a week we moved to a new city , she got a new job , I too got transfer.

Nitya yuvani’s pov :

New city, new job! I wish my life should be happy. I am trying to forget my past. But today is my first day in new office. So I was in hurry to go. I asked Paarth to drop me. He was waiting for me . Me , mom and Paarth are staying in the same place.

“Paarth wait,two minutes “,I shouted from upstairs.

“Nitu quick please “,he said.

Finally I got ready and went down. We both reached my office.

“ all the best baby do well” he wished me and left me

“God please help me ,this is my new job ,I should perform well” i murmured to God and went inside
I gave my offer letter to the GM and went to my new cabin. At first I felt like all were seeing me and murmuring about me like in my old one. But it’s all my imagination. Here people were too good. I got friends at the first day itself. My new friend Devesh,who helped me in my project.
“ thank you devesh “I said while leaving my office

“ it’s ok yaar. We are friends. No thanks and sorry in friendship “ he said and I smiled at him

“ok how will you go to home , can I drop you?” he asked me

“no no.. my boy friend will come to pick up “ I said and smiled

“ohoo sorry you have boy friend, ok let me wait until he comes” he said

“no its ok yarr I will manage you go , its just 6’o’clock only na ? , you may have some work?” i said

“no. I am free, that too its late na ,it is not safe for you to stand alone “ he said in concerned tone. I nodded. After fifteen minutes Paarth came there.

“sorry baby, just held up with a work “ he said and apologized

“it’s ok “ I said and introduced devesh to him

“dev he is my boy friend “

“hi dude” dev replied to him

“hi “paarth replied to him without a jolt , I can see jealousy in his eyes. But dev didn’t do anything like that he is just my colleague and helped me in my first day of office I thought.

“baby it’s getting late we should move “paarth said

“Han ok; bye dev” i waved at dev.

At night we all had dinner together after that I explained about my first day in my job. Ma went to sleep. I was searching for paarth.

“paarth “ I called him but no reply from his side . I went to upstairs to check whether he is there. Thank God he was there

“ paarth what are you doing here? Didn’t you hear me ? I was calling you for the past five minutes “ I asked him.

“Ohoo sorry baby , I was lost in my thoughts “he said . I was seated next to him

“ anything serious, what happened? “ I asked him

“ nothing, just work tension “he said

“paarth , devesh is just my friend , that too he helped me in my project “ I said to him

“ no no Nitu it’s not a problem “He Said

“then ok paarth I feel sleepy I’m going down “ I said and left from there.

“wait i am coming too “ he too joined me

Everything was going Good , but still I could not forget my past , I felt weak. But during that time ma, paarth and my new friend devesh helped me. Myself and paarth got engaged but none of our relatives came. Only my colleagues came.

“I think engagement will be over in few minutes. I’ll be back and take you to hospital “,dev was speaking to someone in his phone. I just heard hospital only.

“dev what happened? anything important ? You were talking hospital and something” i asked him

“ nothing, just regular check up of my sister “ he said

“then you can go dude we will manage “ paarth said to him . Paarth too now became his friend. Both were more close to each other than me.

“sorry guys I can’t be with you “ he said and left us.

Next day in office I Asked Him About Her Check Up He said that it was regular check up ,

“ dude you didn’t say that you have a sister “ I asked him

“forgot yaar”he said.

“forgot for 3 months “ I asked him by raising my eyebrows

“ sorry sorry , I’ll make you meet her, come “ he said and dragged me out of my office

“Dev what are you doing? “ I asked him

“can’t you see?, you said na you want to see my sister then let’s go” he said.

“But office..”i was cut by him.

“I’ll say to them ,come” he said
After half hour ride in local bus we reached the hospital. He spoke something to the receptionist and she smiled and gave the visiting pass. They gave us mask to cover our face.” I don’t know why they are giving this ?”, I thought and just entered the room. Where it had a board CANCER PATIENTS WARD. After reading that I felt dizzy , my head started to spin . Some how i managed to get inside. I saw a little kid who was playing with the toys she was also a cancer patient, what mistake did she do? Why God is soo cruel? “ I asked myself. Tears rushed my eyes by seeing that room. In The last bed, I saw a beautiful girl who was smiling at us . Her grin was gorgeous. She had a perfect almond shaped eyes.

“Hi bhaiya, hi didi” she greeted us. I greeted her with my hug.

“ bhaiya don’t say her name let me guess” she said and started to say Something names and at the 5th attempt she said my name.

“ how are you didi?” she asked me with jolt

“ good dear” i replied her.

“sorry didi on your engagement because of me bhaiya can’t be with you “ she apologized

“it’s ok dear “ I said still my eyes were filled with tears

“ didi by the way where is jiju? “ she asked.

“wo ..your jiju is having work , so he didn’t come “dev said

“ it’s ok I’ll see him one day before my death“ she said and smiled at me I could not hold my tears anymore. They made their way in my cheeks.

“ don’t talk like that dear “ I said to her

She wiped my tears with her thumbs and said “didi we all will return to God one day , I’m just going too soon, that’s it , nothing to be sad about that “ she said .

What she said was right. every one is going to die someday. We all don’t know what will happen next second. nothing is in our hand , just we can enjoy the present thing I thought

“ ok dear bye it’s getting late for office “ Dev said

“ok bye “ she said and kissed my cheeks. I too kissed her.

We boarded in bus and I asked about her to him. he said that she was suffering from blood cancer from the age of 18 ,now she is 21. doctor had said that she will be alive for 2 or 3 months. Finally we reached our office and he went back to his work but I can’t work anymore. My past was haunting me and after seeing his sister I could not forget anything. It was running in my mind like a worst movie.

“Nitu. . “ dev shouted

“ Han what happen dev? Why are you shouting?” i asked him

“ dude I’m calling you for the past 5 minutes, you didn’t respond “ he said

“sorry dude just lost in thoughts “I said

“ so say why you called me?” I questioned him

“paarth came to see you and he is waiting in reception “he said

“ what? what he is doing here? “ I asked him

“ what I know? I was with you only na?”he said and we went down to see him

“paarth what happen? Why are you here?” I asked him

“ baby I got promotion “he said and lift me up and twirled

“stop it paarth , it’s my office “ I said but he didn’t listen to me.

“dude some singles are also here. please do your romance outside” dev said

Finally he landed me. And gave sweet to me and dev.

“ ok guys you can continue your work. I’m leaving now “ he said

“paarth wait I too will come with you. drop me at home “I said

“ dev inform leave for me “ I said to dev

“What what happen? “ both asked in unison.

“ nothing just not feeling well “ I said and left to take my bag.

After having dinner I spoke to paarth about devesh’s sister.

“paarth I’m a stupid; see how confident she is and see how I’m “ I said to him

“finally you understood something “ he replied

“paarth I wish to start a new NGO; in which people like me will work they will get a new life “ I said.

After seeing paarth , my father and devesh I believed that all the men are not the same.

Paarth ’ s pov:

While saying about her NGO I saw a twinkle in her in eyes. So I accepted her idea and we both started an NGO and helped people like her. I could not say like that about her. But she has become strong now. I should thank dev for making Nitya meet his sister. After that I see new nitya yuvani.
But my Nitu understood this society and she believed that all men are not the same. Now she is a good social activist. And helping many other and we both got married now and living a peaceful life. It’s been two months since dev’s sister left this world. Now he too joined our NGO and helped people like his sister and his friend nitya.


War killed lost of lives but the true victory is to gain the courage.And defeat the hurdles with a smile. Which Draupadi failed.
Paarth- Nitya yuvani – devesh ~ Arjun -Draupadi -Krishna