It was a humid morning and I had been waiting for 20 minutes in the bus stop for my idiotic friend Raashi. “I don’t know what she is doing till now”,I mumbled and looked at my watch..

“Thank God! The bus has come”,I sighed on seeing an old local bus. Raashi got down and came towards me. I stared at her crossing my arms. “Sorry babes! The bus was late”,she grinned. I did not move and stared at her. “So sorry”,she pleaded holding her ears. I could not control laughing on her gesture and I signalled her to sit in the back seat of my scooty.

“Let’s go fast”,she said to me and we zoomed off.

Fifteen minutes later,we reached the Hindustan college where I found a large banner in which “VISTA- STATE LEVEL INTERCOLLEGE MEET” was written. There were hoardings and decorations everywhere. Yes! We were going to attend an intercollege competition.

“Where are our college mates?”,asked Raashi searching everywhere.

I called one of my friends Aman and he told me to come to the auditorium. I almost dragged Raashi to the auditorium.

There the problem started and the magic happened. In the entrance, a boy was standing who looked like a volunteer from the college. He was gigantic and looked like the goons in movies. He was checking the passes of the students from the other colleges and letting them in. It was our turn.

“Give me your passes”,he asked me in a voice which echoed like thunder.

“Actually.. we have registered already. The passes are with my friend who is inside”,I said swallowing my words.

“ What?? You will not be allowed until you show me the passes”,he almost threatened us.

I looked at Raashi. “I will call him”,said Raashi taking her phone out.

She called Aman but he did not answer. The program had started and probably he could not have heard the phone ringing. Raashi looked at me and pouted. I was worried.

We had only 15 minutes left for our program to start. I went to that goon like man again and pleaded. But he did not allow us. Almost everyone had gone inside and only two of us were waiting.

By then, a guy who was neither tall nor short with a stubble came out of the auditorium. He had some papers in his hands and he had a badge in his crisp white shirt saying,”Volunteer”. He looked at us, particularly me. I turned my gaze away from him. He asked the goon(I am gonna call him as goon as he did not let us in)why we were standing there. The goon told everything.He told, or to be honest,ordered him,”Let them in” and smiled at me slightly. I was standing still and watched him go out with a batch of boys following him.

“Meghna! Why are you wasting time? Go”,Raashi poked my back.

We went inside. Wait! I told you that he smiled at me,isn’t it?? I should have smiled back. In fact,I should have thanked him for his gesture. O God! I missed it! I should have smiled at him at least for courtesy. What kind of a dumbo I have been!

“Where were you guys?? Eating Pani Puri?”,Aman teased us as soon as we joined our friends and everybody laughed. Raashi hit him with her books.

I was still regretting not smiling at him. Sometime later,the dance competition started. We were the next to perform. We were standing at the backstage and Raashi was reminding me the steps.

Again! I saw him! I could see him coming from the entrance to the MC desk. He sat there and was talking something with the judges.
Our names were called and both of us went to the stage. The music started and we started our performance. Again! I saw him seeing me straight in the eyes. I turned my gaze again. We were performing and I could say that he was looking at me till the end.

When we finished,he was the first one to applaud. This time I slightly smiled at him in compensation to what I did before.

After we came down,Raashi asked,”Meghs! That boy is so sweet nah?”

Aman who eavesdropped winked saying,” Raashi! Which boy are you talking about when the world’s most handsome boy,Aman is here?”.

“Don’t blow your own trumpet stupid”,Raashi hit him and told him how our,no no,MY saviour,(yes from now on,he is my saviour)came at the right time and let us in.

“Oh that guy? His name is Aadit. He is a final year student.And he is the organising secretary of this event. So he is busy and running here and there with a pile of papers”,he said.

“Talented guy! He has arranged everything so well”,Raashi told me.

“Yes! He is really talented”,I told myself.

From then on,I took seat on a place where I could see him clearly. I was checking him out till the end which went unnoticed by him.

It was the end of the program and they started distributing prizes. To our surprise,the judge said,” Second prize goes to Meghna and Raashi of final year PG”. As we went on the stage to collect the prize,I wanted him to look at me so that I could impress him. Yes! I was falling for him! But it was my misfortune that he did not notice me as he was busy in checking the winners list.

When we came back from the stage,we took seats which is only 3 to 4 feet away from him as Raashi wanted to sit near the air-conditioner. This girl never fails to help me-even if she is unaware of what is going on my mind. Now I got a clear and close up view of him. I could hear his voice which now felt like honey to me. I tried various techniques to grab his attention like talking and laughing loudly,getting up and shouting when someone gets a prize,but my tactics did not work with him. Focussed guy!

They played national anthem and it was our time to leave the place. I wished he would at least see me once before I leave. But he did not. Oh god! Why is this happening to me?

I looked at him, to be frank,stared at him before I came out of the auditorium.

Even after reaching home,my mind was full of his thoughts. Thinking about him gave me a new kind of excitement which I have not felt ever before. Yes! I was slowly falling for him.

I searched for his profile in facebook. Thanks to all the social media for helping us in stalking our crushes. Hundreds of profiles popped once I typed his name “Aadit”. Finding his profile amidst these many profiles made me dizzy. 10 profiles per day I told myself and checked only 6 when I fell asleep out of tiredness.

It had been a week since I started searching for his profile. 10 profiles per day became 3 per day as I was literally busy with my project. Don’t ever think that,I lost interest in him that I was lethargic in finding his profile. I had watched him without blinking the whole day,and every move of him is photographed by my eyes and that is enough for me to be madly in love with him. Also,I was not a social media person and I hated scrolling newsfeed or searching for someone’s profile. 3 profiles per day means 3000 profiles per day to me.

So,I had decided to go to his college today,telling some lame reason so that I could gaze at him hiding somewhere.

I bunked the last class saying that I was unwell and in a few minutes I was at his campus. I went to the library by saying that I came to refer some books. I was staring at a magazine until the bell rang.

As soon as the bell rang,I came out. There were hundreds of girls and boys coming out. “It is going to be difficult to spot him”,I told myself.

10 minutes later, half of the students have gone. I slowly moved towards his department and stood under a tree casually as if I had come to pick my friend up. By then, I saw him coming out of a class in the first floor. My heart skipped a beat. He came down through the stairs and his hairs were jumping as he stepped fast.

“Whatever you do,he is not going to see you today. You are going to be unnoticed like always”,I said to myself out of disappointment. To my surprise,he saw me. He saw me and he had recognised me. He waved his hand. I could not believe my eyes. I turned back and checked whether it was me at whom he had waved. There was nobody behind me and he had waved at me only! My God! My happiness knew no bounds. He came towards me.

“How are you?”,he asked raising his eyebrows and with a cute smile.

“ I…I .. I am fine”,I stammered. “Why the hell am I stammering?”,my heart asked me.

“You? Here?”,he asked.

“ Came to refer some books for my project”,I lied. “You stupid! I had come only to see you man!”,I wanted to tell him.

“Coffee?”,he asked me.

“Oh God! What is happening here? Is it true? It must be a dream”,my heart told me when I pinched myself and came to know that it is real.

“Huh?”,he asked me again for which I nodded.

We walked towards the canteen which was 20 feet away from his department. He was silent till we reached the canteen and so was I. I wished the canteen should have been far away.

We sat in a table. He ordered coffee. I did not start talking as I was scared that I would stammer again. “Being quiet is better”, I thought.

He was the first to break the ice.

“ So,how is Ayush?”,he asked me.

“What? Ayush? How did he know my brother’s name? Did I hear it right? I think I have some problem in my ears. I am confused”,I thought.

“ Who?”,I asked to make sure that what I heard is right.

“ Ayush! Your brother!”,he snapped.

“ Huh.. Yeah…He is fine”,I replied and added,” You know him already?”.

“Of course DIDI(SISTER). I was his classmate in school”,he said with excitement.

What ? Didi? I felt like the world has turned upside down. My head felt like spinning. And I was about to faint but I managed.

“ Didi! Are you okay?”,he asked seeing me gasping.

“Hmm… I am okay”,I lied,”But I have not heard of you from him”,I wanted to know whether he was playing prank at me.

“ We were not close. But I was his classmate. I have seen you in his posts in social media”,he said. I think he is serious.

“Oh… In Facebook?”,I asked to confirm.

“No… I don’t use Facebook. I saw you in his Instagram posts”,he said calmly.

“You stupid girl! You have wasted 15 minutes everyday to search for his profile. And what is this Instagram? I have heard about it from my friends but I don’t have an account. I should have searched him there too. You dumbo! What is the use of it now? He is younger than me. He is of my brother’s age. How can I still be in love with him? He calls me “Didi”. What will he think of me if I tell him that I loved him? ”,my mind was going through so much of thoughts.

“ When I saw you during intercollege meet,I recognised you as Ayush’s sister. I wanted to talk to you that day. But did not get time as I was a little busy”,he said looking into my eyes.

“ That was okay”,I had nothing more to say.

We were silent for sometime.

“I have to go”,I broke the silence.

“ Ok didi. And one more thing… I need your help for my final year project”,he asked me.

“ Sure! This is my number. You can call me anytime BRO”,I faked a smile.

“Thank you didi! See you”,he smiled.

“See you bro!”

Though it was very difficult to say that last word,that is the reality. Tears started flowing. I was thinking where I misunderstood. Aman had simply said that Aadit was a final year student. It was my mistake that I did not ask whether he is from UG or PG. I was blind in love. That mistake made me fall for a guy who could not be married in real. That was my first heartbreak which I will never forget in my life. Love should not be blind all the times. I realised it after my encounter with Aadit.