“Ishani! That bitch”, I cursed.

But why would Ishani do that? I know she hates Asha. But would this hatred take her to the extent of killing her? Was Asha cruel to her more? No! She could never be. But it was indeed that her relationship with Ishani was not as good as with others. Ishani was always against Asha’s relationship with Vedant. Ishani always tried to rip them apart but all her efforts didn’t work before their love.

I and Anjana should be extremely stupid to accuse Vedant as Asha’s murderer. Despite knowing how much he cared and supported Asha,we accused him.

“He must be feeling betrayed”, I murmured.

“Betrayed,my foot! He must be happy that our Asha’s chapter is closed”, Anjana said with burning eyes.

“But,he looks genuine”,I said.

Anjana rolled her eyes.

“But,Do you really think Ishani would do that to our Asha?”, I asked suspiciously.

“Kaira !! Do you have second thoughts? Didn’t you hear Vedant? He said Ishani hated Asha and she created problems between them”,Anjana shouted.

“Yes! Exactly she hated Asha! But,she didn’t kill her”, I said.

“Do you have any proof that why she would not have killed Asha?”, Anjana shot me.

“Anjana, I can ask the same to you. Do you have any proof that she killed Asha?”, I questioned.

“Seriously Kaira,you are defending her now. How could you? She killed our Asha. Don’t you think we should confront her?”, Anjana shouted more.

“Anjana! Listen! I am not defending her. I am not saying that she is innocent either. But I don’t think she would kill Asha because she doesn’t like her relationship with Vedant. Can it be a reason to kill someone? I think we are in wrong direction”, I sighed.

“Kaira! I think you are going in wrong direction. You are out of your mind. All you need is to straighten it up. Sit and think about what Vedant said. At least after that you will understand what you are blabbering.I have anatomy class in five minutes. I am leaving.”, she banged the door.

Why is she yelling at me? I am trying to find a reason why Ishani would be the reason behind Asha’s death. However it is not ever connected with her. We are accusing her only because Vedant pointed her. I am confused.

Vedant’s words were running in my mind. But how was he sure that Ishani might have done this. I was hell shocked when Vedant said that Ishani was the reason for Asha’s death.

Does she hated Asha so much? Did their relationship made her vulnerable ?


Vedant :Yes Ishani get obsessed with things. She really hated Asha. There were a lot of fight between us because of mere misunderstandings created by Ishani. When we eventually found that Ishani did everything,we confronted her. She said to our face that she would kill Asha if she didn’t leave me. If I stand for Asha she said that she will remove me from the path also.

Anjana:How could she say so?

Vedant: She can Anjana. She is such an arrogant girl. Actually being the heir of IV Companies I don’t get that much power as Ishani is getting. She never regards me as her brother. She looks at me like a competitor. She does not like me.

Kaira: Why?

Vedant : Because… She is… Wait. I have to call a friend. It’s urgent.

By then they heard someone coming towards the lab. Anjana peeps out and checks to find the peon coming to close the lab.

Anjana : Kaira.. Peon uncle is coming to lock the lab.

Vedant : (to himself) Thank God. I have escaped from telling things to them.

Kaira : Vedant. Come. Let’s go.

They come out when the peon is not looking. The dusk broke when they come to the campus.

Vedant : Kaira… It’s getting late. I have to leave.

Anjana : Let him leave Kaira. What if somebody sees us with him?

Kaira : That would be a problem.

Vedant : Ok bye. Take care. If you need my help,call me anytime. I am ready to help you.

He leaves sighing.

——————–FLASH BACK ENDS————

After going through what Vedant said,I am quite convinced. But literally Ishani had made a statement that she would kill Asha. Then she is capable of doing it. But what will be the reason?

Vedant’s POV

Asha! The love of my life! How much I ever try to forget you,somehow you come into me.

I still can’t believe that you are not with me anymore.

I cannot say that I think of you every second,but there is no day,in which I had not think of you.

My hands still have the feel of your hand touching mine. Your smile is the most beautiful thing which I see everyday in my dreams. Your voice is the sweetest thing in my playlist which I listen to everyday . The twinkle in your eye still lights my night.

My only job,nowadays is reading the thousands of our old texts again and again. These things make me feel like you are alive. My heart still cannot believe that you are gone.

You came into my life like a rain. One day,you stopped pouring abruptly. My life had become a sludge.

Did you see Asha? Your Ved has now started writing poems. Does not it look weird? I am becoming strange these days. But you are not with me to see all these.

Today,your friends called me and they accused me for your death. How could they do that??

I know it is obvious why they accused me but it could never happen in my dream that I would hurt you. I have hurted you before. But that day,I took an oath not to hurt you till the rest of our lives but our fate is so rude that you left the world on the same day. I love you to the core and I will not forget you at any cost. That’s how my love is! That’s how you changed me that’s the truth of our love. All in this whole world you were everything to me. Why did you leave me?

He cries.


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