Vedant tried to escape from the lab. We both don’t know how to catch him. Within a fraction of second,I found a surgical knife in Kaira’s hand. “Don’t move!”,Kaira said coming towards him. Soon I found my hand on his neck with another surgical knife.

“We know that you killed Asha! “,Kaira said .

Vedant rolled his eyes.

“No,I didn’t do anything!“,he said.

“No you did. You killed her, you only forced her to write the suicide note“,Kaira said in a choking voice.

“Please try to understand me. I didn’t do anything. I was not here on that day. I went to my native to attend my relative’s marriage”, he said.

“We are not idiots to believe whatever you say “, I said to him.

“See, here is my tickets from Mumbai to Chandigarh “, he showed the mail of the flight tickets and also the pictures that were clicked in the marriage function.

“So what ? If you were in Chandigarh during Asha’s death , you might have sent some goons to kill her. You only killed her,you liar!” I shouted at him.

After hearing my reply he became emotional. His eyes brimmed with tears. His eyes become red.

“Stop your non sense! What are you both thinking of me? That I am such a cruel and selfish lover? Do you think I’ll live happy after my Asha’s death? After her death, each and every day is like a millenium to me. Do you guys even know what I went through after her demise? How can you think that I’ll be happy after her death? She may be important to you but she is everything for me “, he told and tears made their way on his face.

We both were standing numb. We both looked at each other. He continued,

“I accept that we both fight often. But,everytime she is the first to ask Sorry. And I am the one who do not accept it at first. She pleads to me to talk. Literally I enjoy that. I irritate her more. Then at last, I accept her apologies“, he said with tears flowing like a cascade . We both glared him.

“She always wanted us to be together.But she left me alone“,he cried.

“Vedant! I don’t know whether I should believe you or not”,Kaira told him.

“I don’t want you to believe me Kaira. My Asha knows how much I love her. That is enough for me”,he said and stared at the floor.

“He is genuine,I think”,I whispered in Kaira’s ears.

“My guilty conscience is killing me everyday. This time,the mistake was mine. We had a serious argument a month before her death. I was the one to start it and I hurted her badly. I thought she would come and talk to me as always. But she did not. I think I had tested her patience. It took 2 weeks for me to realise my mistake. I apologized her. But she didn’t accept that. She didn’t speak to me till her death. I used to apologize by texting “sorry” for atleast thousand times. But she didn’t reply even Once. She didn’t attend my call too“, he said .

“ But I didn’t see your messages on her mobile,when I checked it”, I told him .

“Yeah, we checked the mobile phone. I too didn’t see any of your calls or messages “, Kaira told.

“Is it so? I am not lying. See this”,he showed us the messages in his phone. There are thousands of messages with kissing emojis. He opened his call log and showed us. He had been calling her 20-30 times everyday. We have to trust him now.

“ If she is angry on someone, she deletes his/her message and the whole chats. I have seen her doing so”, I added.

“ May be“,he said.

“Vedant! I really don’t know what to say. We could understand how you would have felt after Asha’s death. But,we checked your social media accounts. They are so different than what you are saying”,Kaira had asked him what I had in my mind.

He smiled weakly. “Whatever you see in social media is not true always”.
“But the girl with you in the pictures?”,I bit my tongue as I had asked him what I should not.

“She is my childhood best friend. She is the one who saved me. After Asha’s death,I underwent emotional trauma. So much of investigations in addition to my grief! I could not handle them and I was about to become a drug addict. She saved me and gave me this second Life. I am grateful to her and she is just my friend. I can’t move on so easily. Asha could not be thrown from my mind so easily”,he said.
Kaira looked at me. I nodded.

“You came now to get money from Ishani,isn’t it?”,I asked him.

“Yes. I am just paying her back whatever she gifted me”,he answered with hatred in his eyes.
We were confused.

“You are the son of a millionaire right? What is the need to get money secretly from your sister?”,Kaira asked him.

“ Actually , Mine is an orthodox family,they will not support love marriage, they don’t know that I’m loving Asha . Only Ishani knows. After her death,they came to know about our love matter. Because of frequent police investigation,my parents started quarreling at me. They threw me out of the house as they think that I have spoiled their reputation. They stopped speaking to me. I need money and I get it from her”,He said .

I really felt bad for him and at the same time I wanted to slap him hard.

He smiled and continued.
“ I still remember the first day how I met her.”

Vedant pov:

Everyone were rushing to one corner of the college. Well I don’t know why they were rushing. It’s just my sister’s college. I came there to give her the keys. Suddenly a girl in her blue denim and white shirt appeared from a corner of the building. She was just passing through the corridor wearing a black goggles and in loose hair. She was just mesmerising. All of them saw her like a goddess. Some girls ran behind her and said, “Thank you didi”. I don’t know why are they thanking her. Soon I too rushed to the crowd and saw some seniors lying down and bleeding in their mouths.
Soon she came back with the first aid kit and did first aid to them and went. I enquired about her and they said that the seniors were ragging the junior students and so she had beaten them.

“ They were her classmates?”, I asked pointing the seniors.

“No Bhai , she is also a junior”,a boy said and left.

“Brave girl!“ I thought.

FB ends.

All reminisce that incident. Everyone’s eyes brimmed with tears.

“I was a spoilt brat before I met her. She made me a man. She loved me and my imperfections. But I don’t deserve her. That’s why she left me”,he sobbed.

“Don’t cry Vedant. Crying will not give her back”,Kaira said.

“If she had been alive now,I would promise her that I will not hurt her anymore and fall in her feet”,he said.

“Why did you both fight?”,I asked him.

“Just misunderstanding. There were many people who wanted us to fight and separate”,he said.

“Means?”,Kaira asked.

“ It’s Ishani. She didn’t like Asha. so she always tried to bring misunderstanding between us”, He said.

“What?”,I said. Kaira and me looked at each other.

“Why are you blackmailing Ishani ?” I asked.

“ She deserves this. She is the reason for everything. She is the reason why Asha left us”,He said with anger in his eyes.

Kaira and I looked at him keenly. We wanted to know what he had to say.

To be continued. …

So guys I hope you all were read the story and enjoyed . Do comment and like .both positive and negative feedback you can give….

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