After our analysis of Asha’s suicide note,we came to a conclusion that Vedant might have blackmailed and killed her. Asha loved him for the past two years and there were times in which they would fight. Kaira and I would try hard everytime to unite them. But one month before her death,Asha was lamenting about her relationship with Vedant. We tried to know why they have fought but adamant Asha did not say anything. We were busy with our project and we almost forgot about their fight.

I don’t know what Kaira thinks,but I have a strong intuition that Vedant would be the killer. He is a typical high class guy,who goes to college only for time pass. He had a very bad company,I came to know this when I saw him with his friends who got drunk and misbehaved with people.

Initially,I did not like asha dating him,I warned her not to do so. But later,Asha told me that he was not like his friends. I have met him a few times and he was nice to me. I don’t know why,but after reading her suicide note,I feel like someone has forced Asha to write it and that someone has to be Vedant.

I dozed off last night after we talked about Vedant But I could say that Kaira had barely slept. I saw her tossing and turning in bed whenever I opened my eyes.

Both of us had decided to meet Vedant and confront him. He had called me one or two times,if Asha’s mobile was not reachable. I have his number and we tried to contact him,but it was a failure. He could have changed his number. I tried to contact him in Instagram,but Kaira stopped me. She told me that he would become alert if we contact him. She also told me that we have to catch him unexpectedly.
I think he is not in Mumbai now. Most of his recent posts had location in Bhopal. Is he gone for vacation or has he permanently settled there? I wanted to know.

By then,an idea struck my mind,why not contact his dearest sister Ishani? Yes! Ishani is Vedant’s sister. But,she is so arrogant and she will not answer if we ask. We have to plan something to get information about her brother. I am thinking of a way.


I want to meet Vedant immediately and confront him for Asha’s death. I am at the peak of anger and I want to slap him hard and ask about Asha. But this is not the time to show my anger. I have to be patient so that all the things will fall in place.

So,Anjana and I have decided to know about his whereabouts through Ishani. But it is not an easy job. We have to think to find a way to know the things from her.

Finally I got an idea. We decided to meet Misha. Misha had a crush on Vedant. After she came to know that Vedant loved Asha,she was heartbroken. Ishani befriended her telling that she would make her meet Vedant . Being an innocent soul,she believed Ishani and did whatever she asked her to. Once,she got scolded by Vedant when she tried to create misunderstanding between Vedant and Asha. Later,Misha came to know that Ishani was only using her for her favour,she started staying away from Ishani . But even now,they talk,but not much.

We went to Misha.

“Hey Misha! How are you?”,asked Anjana.

“I am good. How are you?”,answered Misha.

Eventhough she dislikes Asha,she is nice with us. I said nah,she is so innocent!

“We are fine too”,we said in unison.

“I am sorry. I know how you feel on Asha’s absence. I can understand your pain. It really hurts when someone we love leaves us permanently. It is true that I don’t like Asha,but I know about her good heart. She tried a lot to befriend me”,she said without a pause.

She sighed and continued,”Making mistakes is human nature. I did mistake by trusting Ishani and asha did mistake by loving Vedant”.

“Why do you think that it was a mistake by Asha to have loved Vedant?”,I asked.

“He is not loyal for his love. Seems like he has moved on so easily. His Instagram posts are filled with girls and parties. He don’t even care for Asha. Thank god for saving me from loving him”,Misha said.

We were silent.

“Nowadays,Vedant comes to college often”,continued Misha.

“What? Is he coming?”,Anjana said in disbelief.

“Yes. He comes during class hours and meets Ishani”,Misha said casually.

“Meeting Ishani? But why?”,I was curious.

“Seems like he gets money from her by blackmailing her”.

“What? Don’t his parents give him enough money?”,I asked.

“I think he needs more money to enjoy his life. Rascal!”,Anjana frowned.

“His parents have stopped seeing him after Asha’s death. They have stopped giving him money too. So,he blackmails his sister and gets money”,said Misha.

“Oh”,I said.


Kaira and I looked at each other for a second.

“Misha! Can you please make us meet Vedant?”,I asked.

“Why do you want to meet him?”,she asked.

We did not speak a word.

“Hello girls! I am asking you only”,she said,this time angrily.

“Misha… act.. actually…”,I stuttered as I don’t know what to say her.

To my surprise,Kaira started telling everything to her including the suicide note. Misha’s eyes opened wide in shock.

“Will you please help us to meet him?”,Kaira finished.

“ Infact,I want to help you. But,I have problem with Vedant already. I fear that this will create more problem. So I can’t help you guys”,she said plainly.

“Misha! Please think about it”,I tried to convince her.

She was not convinced.

“Won’t you do this if Asha were your friend? We suffer everyday thinking about her. We want to get justice to our friend’s untimely demise. The killer has to be punished. Do you think asha deserved such an end?”,Kaira asked Misha.

Misha was moved by Asha’s words.

“You are right Kaira. Asha did not deserve such a sudden end. Don’t worry. I will help you”,Misha said finally.

“Thank you Misha. It means a lot to us”,we said in unison and hugged her.


I don’t know what I am doing is right or wrong. But I am doing all these to get justice for the death of an innocent soul. God! Please forgive me for doing this.

I had promised Kaira and Anjana that I would make them meet Vedant. I got an idea too. I am just waiting for the right time to execute it.

It was our anatomy lab hour. All of us left our bags out when we enter the lab. I noticed where Ishani kept her bag.

Fifteen minutes after we went inside the lab,I came out excusing that I wanted to use rest room. As I came out,I casually opened Ishani’s bag as if it was mine and took her mobile in my hand and shoved it into my coat pocket. After making sure that nobody had seen me,I ran to the rest room.

I tried to unlock her phone. Thank God! This high class Ishani did not have face recognition or fingerprint recognition. She just had pin number.

I carefully swiped it up and typed her date of birth. Oh god! It was wrong.
Her date of birth is not the pin? Then what could it be? I tried with Vedant’s date of birth. Of course! I know his date of birth. Not only that,I know every single detail of him. Above all,I loved him.

Coming back to our mission,it was a failure again.

As the time was passing my heart started beating fast.

“Oh God! Please help me! What can it be?”,I was sweating.

Suddenly,something struck my mind. I typed her car’s number. I typed ‘ok’.
It’s a failure again.

“I am gonna give up. I don’t want to be labelled as thief for helping someone. Let Kaira and Anjana do something to get justice for their dear friend. Let me go out”,I told myself.

By then,Asha’s smiling face came to my mind.

“One last time”,I told and began thinking.

I remember once Asha told me that she is obsessed with her mobile number. She believes in numerology and she said it was her lucky number and she waited for months to get that fancy number.

“Why not her mobile number?”,I tried with the last four digits of her mobile number.

Ishana’s picture in the wallpaper flashed on the screen. “Thank god!”,I sighed.

There was a new message from Vedant. “Ishu! I need money immediately. I will come and collect it in half an hour”,I read.

I think,God is helping me. This message was unread by Ishani and this made my work easier.

I hurriedly opened her conversations with Vedant.

“Ved! Don’t come to the college during my class hours. Somebody may suspect me. Come to our anatomy lab after 4 o clock today. I will wait there with money. Don’t ever come again to get money”,I typed the message and sent it to Vedant’s number.

I waited for a minute and a message from Vedant popped saying,”Ok.. You are the best sister in the world”.

Thank god and Vedant.He had seen the message at once. I deleted the messages which I sent and he sent. I locked the mobile and came out of the rest room. I again kept it in Ishani’s bag when nobody was looking. I entered the lab casually. I saw two pairs of eyes staring restlessly at me. I looked at Anjana and Kaira and showed a thumbs up. They smiled at me.


When the bell rang,all the students came out of the lab. Kaira and I went inside saying that I missed my notes there.

We waited there for sometime. We heard footsteps. I ran and hid behind the door. Kaira hid behind a table. From the gap in the door,I confirmed that it was Vedant.

“Ishu”,he said and stepped in. As soon as he did so,I closed the door from behind. Kaira got up.

“You are caught Vedant! Don’t you dare to escape from here”,Kaira said as she stepped towards him.

He stared at both of us with terrified face.

“How dare you kill my Asha?”, I came in front of him and looked into his eyes which were bloodshot. He looked at me without blinking and ran to open the door. Kaira and I ran to catch him.
***To be continued***

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