We both were getting ready for college.

“Kaira, shall we move?”

“Yes “.

We both came out. Our old Room was opposite to our new one. After Asha’s death,we changed the room. But we could not change the heart ,her memories. Whenever we saw the room ,tears rushed to our eyes. Remembering her cute antics, I smiled faintly and we made our way to the class room.

“Anjana! After our class gets over,we should go to the police station to inquire about Asha’s suicide note”, Kaira said. I simply nodded.

“I know it’s not a suicide, something is hidden “ ,I thought.

Our day was over and we went to our room and freshened up. It was 5.30 while we left our campus to the police station.

We reached there and waited for the inspector Siddarth to come. He came after a 15 minutes.

Siddarth said,”Sorry for being late, I was just held up in another case”.

“ Its ok sir”,Kaira replied.

“So why you are here? What do you want?”,the inspector asked us raising his eyebrows.

Kaira and me looked at each other.. After glaring I broke the silence.
“Sir we came here to ask about Asha”,I said as politely as possible.

“ Ok. Listen now! The case is already closed and it’s proved that it was suicide. She had written a suicide note and her fingerprints were matched with the fingerprints found in the injection. So it’s a suicide case”,said the inspector in authoritative tone.

“Sir, but she is a strong girl. She would have not done so”,we said in unison.

Siddharth got hyper. “Look! Not everyone’s mind is the same all the time. We can’t say what they think . Their mind can change any time. So, you cannot judge that she could not have done so”.

I gathered up courage and spoke,”Ok sir.. Can we see the suicide note now?”.

The inspector Siddharth was adamant.

Kaira tried her luck. “Sir,but we need to see, if we see that , we can say whether it was suicide or murder”.

Siddarth was at the peak of anger. “ Look! This is your limit. It is a suicide. There is no point in you guys waiting and wasting time here. So you can leave now”.

We hung our heads low and came out. We waited for him to go out.
After 45 minutes, Siddarth left the place.

“Anjana ! Let’s get in“, Kaira said.
I nodded. And soon an idea struck my mind .

“ Kaira, the inspector has left the place now ,we can go inside and get the suicide note by bribing the constable” ,I told her and I saw twinkle in her eyes.

“ Will he accept it?”, kaira asked.

“ Yes, did you see how all the other police treated him? Definitely he will accept”, I said .

“ What if he does not ? What if he says about this to the inspector?”,Kaira said.

“ Kaira ,don’t you want to find out the truth?”,I asked her and she nodded.
We both entered the station, our luck no other police was inside. The constable was standing near the rack and checking some files. I went to him and explained that we wanted to see that suicide note of the closed case file. At first,he was hesitant. But later, he accepted the bribe and allowed us. We took a quick picture of the letter and left the place.

After reaching our room,we decided to read the letter. At first we didn’t have the courage to read it. Some how we composed ourselves. My hands started trembling when I opened the gallery in my phone. I managed and started reading the letter.


After reading this letter, ours eyes brimmed with tears.

“Kaira! Once she told us that she had an argument with Vedant. Do you remember?”,asked Anjana.

I nodded. “We might have talked to him and United them. We have done a mistake”,I told her.

“You are right Kaira! You have been telling that you are responsible for her death. But see,I have also done a part in it unknowingly”,she blamed herself.

We were silent for sometime.
We started reading it again and again. We came to a conclusion that it was suicide because it was her own handwriting which in the letter.

Moreover, three days prior to her death,she was crying continuously thinking about Vedant. I asked her about the problem but she refused to tell me. Because of crying the whole night,she had fever which lasted until her death.
When I was lost in thoughts,Anjana had read it again.
I gave a confused expression.

“ Kaira did you notice? ‘Everything is fare in love and war’. We once had an argument regarding this nah? “, Anjana asked me.

I remembered the day when Asha told us that Vedant,while convincing her after a small fight saying that ‘Everything is fair in love and war’. Myself and Anjana argued that he was right. But Asha did not agree with us saying that he will hurt her again and say the same. She also told that she did not agree with this saying “Everything is fair in love and war’”. She added that everything has a limit and even love has a limit in tolerating others mistakes.

But now,she has used the same phrase. This arose a doubt in our mind.

Again Anjana yelled,”Kaira! Look at this”.

“Eiffel tower!! She does not like us calling him Eiffel tower. She did not speak for one week for calling him Eiffel tower. When we patched up again, you were saying that she would also enjoy calling him Eiffel tower,isn’t it?”,asked Anjana.

“For that,she told me that she will never ever call him so,even at her last moments”,I told her.

“ What is this? I feel like something is fishy!”,Anjana said looking at me straight in the eyes.

“Somebody might have forced her to write”,before I could complete,Anjana shouted,”Exactly”.

I felt like the ground shaking. “Who can it be?”,I asked Anjana with terrified face.

“Vedant?”,Anjana asked me.
“Why would he do that?”,I asked her out of disbelief.

“Asha had written that her loved one was cheating on her. May be he was in a relationship with another girl. Asha was the only obstacle. That way”,Anjana said as slowly as possible.

Something struck me.
“Let’s check his social media accounts”,I told her.

Anjana quickly opened his profile in instagram. He had posted a lot of pictures after Asha’s death.
We found a picture,on Jan 11,which is one day prior to Asha’s death. It was a black and white picture of him with a caption “To lead a happy life,you need to eliminate some of the elements of your life.. be it people,thoughts or whatever… If they refuse to go,just chase them out”. Anjana read it louder.

“Is he talking about Asha?”,she looked at me.
“ May be”,I replied.

We scrolled up. After Asha’s death he didn’t stop posting. There was no sign of being sad. We saw pictures of him with a girl after that. They were posed in different places.

“Kaira! Seems like he has moved on”,Anjana told.
I nodded.

“ Kaira! See here . He has posted a picture with a girl and he added the caption as my soul”, Anjana said.

“The girl who regarded you as her soul is dead you dumbo”,I yelled out of frustration.

“Kaira! I think what we think is right. He might be the killer. He might have killed our Asha. We should not leave him. We should get him punished. He has killed our friend. How dare he do that?”,Anjana blamed him and started crying.

I hugged her. She slept on my laps. For me sleep is too far. How can he do this to us? To our asha? How could he cheat that poor, innocent soul? I am not going to leave him. I will get him punished. This train of thoughts were running in my mind which snatched my sleep.

To be continued…

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